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Vehicle: 1981 T25 Westie

The Weekend Flat – The 1981 T25 Kombi (Transporter) Camper. Hi! We (Sharon and Garry Manley) are the proud owners of the above vehicle. We had been watching, on TradeMe, a T25 1600 Turbo Diesel (Golf motor)with interest. Although the colour put me off, and nobody seemed to know too much about the turbo diesel, I went up to Auckland with work and had a late appointment cancellation. So, I gave the owner a ring and took the T25 for a spin. I was impressed, here was a VW Kombi that kept up with the traffic, cruised up hills, appeared economical and had a practical layout that was reasonably tidy. Since owning the vehicle I have replaced the clutch, front suspension, and had a bit of panel work done. I also had a problem with an oil line bursting so have replaced all the oil lines. I thought all was good so headed away last Christmas on an adventure through the Marlborough sounds. Unfortunately the engine developed some serious faults and we have now had the engine completely reconditioned. After attending the 2009 Cambridge VW convention (which I might add was fantastic) I realised that there were literally hundreds of different layouts and that most were based on personal taste. The decision was made modify the Kombi to meet our own requirements. We use it almost every weekend. Over the last 24 months we have clocked up 16500 miles. As a final note, the atmosphere of owning and driving a Kombi is fantastic. For the last 35 odd years I have been traveling to Taranaki and back to visit family etc. Since owning the Kombi these journeys have been an adventure not a chore. We have now been down side roads to beach spots that I have just driven past all these years. Each time we get in the Kombi we feel like we are on holiday. Here is an interesting term 'volkerwanderung'.