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Vehicle: 1965 Beetle 1300

Ranatunga Kalupahana, is a Doctor and resident of Lower Hutt. My 1st experience in a VW was soon after I graduated in 1988, in Sri Lanka. The 1st vehicle I bought was a VW Beetle 1959 model. I had all painted total revamp of it about a year after I bought it. At that time almost every doctor bought a VW beetle, and it was absolutely popular and there were no Jap imports. Unfortunately, when I left Sri Lanka in 1973 I had to sell it with a heavy heart. During the last 25 years I did not have an opportunity to even look at another VW. However, 3 years ago, I saw this VW beetle, 1965 model, parked by the roadside, with a for sale paper stuck on, inside the glass. I left a note as there was no contact number, and few days later I got a call and another week later I owned it. I had to do some work, some rust work and bit of panel beating, shock absorbers, Link pins replaced and all tires replaced. The heater box was missing and trying to get one from anywhere was impossible. One of my friends arranged for a set to be shipped from Germany which will be here anytime now. In the meantime I depend on a blanket to keep me warm, driving the Beetle in the cold weather.