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Vehicle: 1997 replica of a 1957 Speedster/2002 Passat Wagon-4 Motion

Our first car was a '51 Singer roadster that originally hooked us on open-top driving. A family of (eventually) four kids came along and we bought a '58 1200cc Kombi, which served us well for a number of years, despite being the only vehicle we ever had to row up some hills in 1st gear!

This was followed by a series of VWs including a Type 3 fastback (known as the "Clockwork Orange" because of its appearance and mechanical sounds) and which subsequently became son Andy's first car. There was also a smart 411L Variant and several other Kombis, culminating in a Deluxe '73 with auto and a Type 4 motor but never a Beetle!

As time - and the kids - moved on, our tastes changed and we yearned to get back to open-top travel, hence the combination of VW and sports car in the home-building of '3F1VE6' our wee Speedster replica that has been on the road since February '97.

At the time of writing, we have attended all but three VW Nationals held over the last 18years - with one or other of the cars mentioned. Three of our children have a Volkswagen in the garage too. Having developed a need for a reliable (but interesting) vehicle for day-to-day use, October 2010 saw us acquire our first ever wasserpumper VW - a 2002 4motion Passat Wagon with a 2.8litre V6 developing 172 bhp, and with more performance that a couple of oldies like us would know what do do with. It's got all the toys like AC, ABS, 4WD and all that jazz - but unusually for us it's a tin-top and not convertible in any way!

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