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Vehicle: 1966 T2 Kombi

1966 T2 Kombi Back in the nineties there were alot of Volkswagens on the road in NZ, and by the same token there were a lot that were getting wrecked for parts. In 1992 this was very fortunate for me as I was able to buy my Kombi for $400 from a wrecker, with my two older brothers, one an Engineer (to fix up all the rust) and the other to help with the other costs of getting her on the road. It has taken many years to get her where she is at present and there is still a wee way to go yet. Luckily with the aid of the internet it has become a lot easier to get new parts. The next step is the upholstery, with the idea of making the van a camper we will be decking out the interior to accommodate our planned trips away in her. My Fiance's Brother in-law made us the cabinet which has been designed with a fridge and cooker which folds away out of sight. We also have plans to to replace the engine for a larger one which should help us up the rather large hills of NZ. We have had a few extras put on the van like the deluxe trim and polished pop out side windows, which I really think set the van apart from the others. I have been brought up in a family that is fanatical about Volkswagens. Both my brothers had them and my parents (Dave and Lyn Morrell, also club members, with the Tan 1974 T2). I guess it has been no surprise to many that I would end up with one.