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Vehicle: '67 Sunroof Beetle

As a long term VW addict I've had quite a few over the years. I started at age 17 with 2 NZ `67 bugs, which with the help of my Dad we built into 1 80's style Cal-looker. Unfortunately much to my dismay that car was short lived, as another driver wiped the side out of it. The insurance paid for my next bug which was a `71 1302s, with which I joined the then only VW club around, Gold Coast VW & Off Road Club, based in Levin! Boy we were keen, driving up there once a month for meetings. Soon after a bunch of us from Welly started our own club, Capital Volkswagen club, more a group of mates than anything really. I then bought a `61 Karmann Ghia as that was the holly grail in the late 80's! I moved to London in `88 & bought a `73 Westfalia Continental to tour Europe for 3 months. I kept it for about 6 months then sold it, as Ldn is no place for a large vehicle I don't care what they say in the UK mags Kombi's are a drag in that environment! Next I bought a `66 deluxe beetle which I had for about 3 yrs, attending many UK shows. My wife & I moved to Sydney in `94 where I bought a `74 1303s or L bug as they call them. Major rust buckets those! My next bug was a `69 Karmann cabriolet, this was a show car & I LOVED it, unfortunately it had to make way for a house purchase & besides I was too scared to park it anywhere in case it was damaged. My next car was a `66 type3 squareback, hence my email tag. I did a running resto on it over the course of 3 yrs in the resto-cal vibe . I then bought a mk3 VR6 golf to use as an every day car. We moved back to NZ in `05, were I bought a mk3 golf wagon & joined the club. The bug in the photo is my US spec' `67 sunroof bug which I've owned for 3yrs now. I bought it from CH CH where it had resided since `68. Bought over here by an American couple who worked for the Us government down there & then retired here. I believe it's unique in NZ & it still has all the original US only `67 extras as per factory, plus original US service books etc. Hope my long winded story didn't bore you too much! See you on the road!